New information from Matt Knies makes Keefe's decisions more questionable

Published September 14, 2023 at 11:45

In a new interview yesterday from the Leafs' rookie Traverse City training camp, Matthew Knies spoke to reporters about the concussion that ended his season during the second round against the Florida Panthers.

In game 2, Knies took a hit from Sam Bennett, and as the Leafs were eliminated in only 5 games, the concussion ended his season. However, Knies himself has brought new information to light. Knies said yesterday that he was cleared to play in what became the final Leafs game of last season.

Knowing Knies was available in a playoff-defining game, and presumably held out by Sheldon Keefe, is a shocking development. With how impactful Knies proved himself to be in his short time with the Leafs last year, he should've easily made the lineup in an elimination game, giving more fuel to the fire to those who constantly question Sheldon Keefe.

Now, Knies will have to prove once again he deserves to play in the opening day lineup through his play in Traverse City, training camp, and preseason games. In 7 playoff games last year, Knies registered a goal and three assists. If he can continue that kind of production in the toughest games against the toughest competition, Knies could be an invaluable player to the Leafs going forward.
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New information from Matt Knies makes Keefe's decisions more questionable

Should Matthew Knies have played if he was healthy?

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