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Ottawa Senators General Manager blames fans for team's inability to be competitive

Published May 2, 2022 at 7:15

With the passing of Eugene Melnyk, some Ottawa Senators' fans had dreams of a new ownership group entering the picture. A group who'd be willing to spend to the salary cap to ice a competitive team at all costs. Unfortunately for Sens' fans it doesn't appear that will be the case, at least not yet.

The Ottawa Senators began their post season locker cleanups and exit interviews today, less than 48-hours since their season ended. Ottawa Senators' General Manager, Pierre Dorion was on hand to answer media questions. While most answers were run of the mill, preplanned hockey responses, one answer in particular caught people by surprise.

Dorion was asked if the Senators can be expected to spend to the salary cap ceiling, and instead of the normal, "we will look at anything that makes sense." Dorion chose to go another route, essentially putting the onus and responsibility on the fans for the Senators lack of spending.

We won't be spending to the top of the cap unless we sell out all 41 home games.

While the candid comments are great to hear there has to be the onus on the organization to put a product on the ice the fans can be proud of. After Dorion declared the "rebuild was over," the Senators continued to bottom out and again find themselves near the bottom of the Atlantic.

So what's next for the Senators? A young core that once looked so promising and will be soon entering a time when players like Josh Norris and Tim Stutzle will require big paydays. All this without even coming close to sniffing the post season.

If things don't change quickly in Ottawa it could be another long season in the Nation's Capital.
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Ottawa Senators General Manager blames fans for team's inability to be competitive

Is Pierre Dorion right or does he need to prove to fans the team is worth watching?

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Team needs to show fans something25177.7 %
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