Patrick Kane provides major update on his NHL future

Published July 15, 2023 at 6:08 PM

Patrick Kane is one of the best American born players of all time, throughout his career, he's put up major points and even though he's been dealing with hip issues for the past couple of seasons, he's proved he can still produce at a fairly high level.

Earlier this week, Kane's agent Pat Brisson said that he won't rush to sign a contract this summer, mostly in part because of his recent hip surgery, by he would be ready to go by December if he wants to play, the question is, at 34 have we seen the last of Patrick Kane? He's answered that question

I know I'm 35 (next) season, but it's not like I feel old. I still feel pretty young. I feel like the passion is still there. I still know I can be a top player if my focus is solely on hockey instead of how I feel

Last season split between the Chicago BlackHawks and New York Rangers, Kane played in 73 games and collected 57 points including 21 goals and 36 assists. This proves even with a bad hip, he can still produce.

When Kane gets healthy and is ready to return knowing that the passion for the game of hockey is still there, there should be a lot of suitors for his services come December.

Even turning 35, a healthy Kane could still be a very dangerous player.
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Patrick Kane provides major update on his NHL future

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