Team USA Captain dancing to get his medal
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Team USA Captain under fire after 'disrespectful' way he chose to receive his Gold Medal

Published January 6, 2024 at 10:10
Yesterday afternoon Team USA, led by Winnipeg Jets prospect Rutger McGroarty, defeated Team Sweden to win the World Juniors Championship. This was the United States first Gold Medal since winning the tournament in 2021 and was their 6th Gold Medal in the tournaments history. The continued development showcases off just how far the US Development Program has come in the last decade.

The USA defeated Team Sweden by a score of 6-2 in a game where emotions ran extremely high. After scoring a huge goal Ryan Leonard blew a kiss to the Swedish crowd which was taken as a sign of disrespect from Team Sweden.

Tempers flared late in the game with for players being ejected in the final minute.

Despite all the occured in the ice that seems to have left fans and players more upset. During his time in the penalty box Rutger McGroarty was seen dancing and giving it to the Swedish crowd.

The final straw however for many was how McGroarty approached to receive his medal. Instead of simply skating up to receive his medal, McGroarty danced his way up, which has left a bitter taste in some people's mouths.

So the question remains, is his just a young player happy to have won? Or should the Jets top prospect shown some more class in victory?
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Team USA Captain under fire after 'disrespectful' way he chose to receive his Gold Medal

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