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Washington Capitals defender slewfoots Predators player for breaking the code

Published December 17, 2023 at 11:24

Last night, the Washington Capitals were in Nashville to take on the Predators and once the buzzer sounds, you'd think the game would end there. Not in this case, especially after a Nashville player decided to break the code and paid for it.

Capitals defender Nick Jensen took exception to the fact that Predators forward Tommy Novak put the puck in the Washington net as the buzzer was sounding to end the game; take a look.

At the end of Preds vs Caps, Nick Jensen slewfooted/tripped Tommy Novak just as time expired. Retaliation for Novak sending the puck into the Washington net.

Seems like Novak is fine, but retaliating like this with zeroes on the clock should never be ok in this league.

With time winding down on the clock, Novak knows better than to put the puck in the net as time expires.

On the other hand, Jensen slewfooting Novak after the buzzer isn't the way to retaliate, especially because Novak could've been seriously hurt, but did Novak not expect a response? There was going to be some retaliation for a play like that.

The #Preds    only other game against the Caps this season is on the 30th. If the game gets out of hand on the scoreboard (either way) I'd look for the game to get out of hand for Nick Jensen.

It'll be interesting to see if there's any response from the Predators for the slewfoot on Novak. The two teams play for the final time this season on December 30th. That'll certainly be a game to watch
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Washington Capitals defender slewfoots Predators player for breaking the code

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