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Arizona Coyotes not moving to Utah, in strange new twist

Published April 13, 2024 at 12:23

The Arizona Coyotes are supposed to be moving to Salt Lake City for the 2024-25 National Hockey League season after news broke across social media earlier, followed by the general manager of the team Bill Armstrong addressing his team and staff confirming the reports in what has certainly turned into a circus, but it is possible the Coyotes don't move after all? One insider seems to think so in mystery twist.

According to Mike Gould of Daily Faceoff, the Arizona Coyotes still exist, just without players and staff, but Alex Meruelo, the Majority Owner of the Coyotes can still stop the relocation in a crazy twist; take a look.

So the Coyotes still exist. Just without all their players and staff. Meruelo still owns the Tucson Roadrunners (lol). And Meruelo can reactivate the franchise if he secures an arena ... but he has to give back $1 billion to do so.

This is an absolute goddamn circus.

Meruelo still owns the Coyotes American Hockey League and in theory he can reactivate the Coyotes if he secures a new arena and also gives back the money he owes, 1 billion dollars.

As if the Coyotes hadn't done enough to the NHL and their fans, now they've given them a glimmer of hope that the team can stay, however improbable.

Alex Meruelo should not only be forced to give up his majority stake in the team, but should be barred from ever owning an NHL franchise again.
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Arizona Coyotes not moving to Utah, in strange new twist

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