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Reports surface on just how disrespectful the Coyotes ownership is

Published April 13, 2024 at 8:41

The Arizona Coyotes organization should be ashamed of how they have handled the team relocating to Salt Lake City, not only because of how the players and staff started to find out through social media, but because of how disrespectful they have been from the start of this news leaking.

According to Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet, there was no plans to tell the players that the team would be relocating next season, until general manager Bill Armstrong was backed into a corner and they demanded answers; take a look.

Look like #Yotes ownership planned on keeping the relocation hidden from the players and staff, and only met with the team today because the story got leaked to the media and the team found out from the media.


How do you plan on keeping this kind of thing from the players playing for your team? It is without a doubt one of the most disrespectful things that could've been done at this point. Treat your players with respect, treat them like the adults they are. One thing has been made clear: the Coyotes ownership doesn't care- they never did.

To top it all off, another former Coyotes reporter posted on X that Arizona actually threw out Shane jersey retirement banner and he took it home.

So the AZ Coyotes:

1. Kicked out of Glendale for not paying rent
2. Weren't paying hotel bills; hotels started demanding upfront payment
3. Threw away Shane Doan's jersey retirement banner in move to Mullet Arena

Everyone deserved better in this situation, the players, the staff and most importantly the Arizona Coyotes fans. Everyone was duped by a horrid ownership group that had no intention of actually keeping the team in Arizona. Good riddance, this is a sad situation where everyone feels cheated, lied to and now discarded.
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Reports surface on just how disrespectful the Coyotes ownership is

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