Ross Colton of the Colorado Avalanche goes down in game against Vancouver
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Avalanche Player Called Out as 'Biggest Diver' by NHL Broadcaster

Published February 21, 2024 at 10:54

An NHL broadcaster is going public with complaints against a player with the Colorado Avalanche. Steve Kouleas, who hosts Power Play on the NHL's radio network, is targeting Ross Colton of the Colorado Avalanche.

With the Avalanche playing the Vancouver Canucks last night, Colton was down by the Canucks net with a little over three minutes left in the third. Vancouver's Ian Cole was called for a penalty for tripping Colton. However, officials decided to also call Colton for embellishment, and the replay shows they were right to do so. Either Colton tripped over his own feet, or he was hamming it up for the officials. Cole's stick barely touches him.

Kouleas did not like what he saw from Colton, and decided to take to his X account to make his feeling known.

"Ross Colton is the biggest diver in the @NHL @ScoutingTheRefs @ESPNRefNHL
jacks would have not called that !!!!!! @SiriusXMNHL

It seems players nowadays are almost always willing to put a bit of added umph to any contact from an opposing player in order to get the call. In this case, it backfired. Either way, the Avalanche ended up winning the game 3-1.
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Avalanche Player Called Out as 'Biggest Diver' by NHL Broadcaster

Was this a dive?

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