Chris Tanev smiles during warmups of a National Hockey League game.
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Two teams competing against each other trying to block the other from adding Chris Tanev

Published February 21, 2024 at 7:47

The National Hockey League trade deadline on March 8th is fast approaching, and although the Calgary Flames are currently on the outside looking in and have already made two deals with the Vancouver Canucks involving Nikita Zadorov & Elias Lindholm respectfully, it appears, according to Elliotte Friedman, that the Canucks are interested in the rugged defenseman, and they will do almost whatever it takes to make sure their Western Conference counterparts in Northern Alberta don't get an opportunity to obtain his services.

The 34-year-old defenseman, a veteran of 770 National Hockey League games, has a history with the Canucks, as the first ten years of his career were played in Vancouver, and while a reunion may not be possible, it seems like they would do whatever it would take to make sure the Oilers do not retain his services.

"Vancouver, I think it's very hard for them to do," admitted Friedman on the 32 Thoughts podcast. "But I think they like the idea of it, and they would really prefer Edmonton not get him."

It should be noted that no matter where Tanev ends up, the team acquiring him will be taking a risk as he has not played a full season since the 2021-2022 campaign, which could be part of the reason why teams such as the Maple Leafs (with the understanding their draft pick capital is poor) were offering multiple lower-round picks, which is reportedly not what the Flames were looking for, even if Tanev is a short-term rental.

Whether you believe in the hype of trade deadline day or not, one thing is certain:. The leadup to March 8th at 3pm will be some of the most anxious and exciting moments for front office staff and fans alike.
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Two teams competing against each other trying to block the other from adding Chris Tanev

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