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Carolina Hurricanes under intense pressure after disgusting post

Published March 15, 2024 at 6:20 PM

The National Hockey League is no stranger to teams social media personnel going at it game in and game out. Most times it's rather entertaining and adds a little bit to rivalries and live games, with that being said, sometimes there has to be a line. The Carolina Hurricanes social media team is usually one to toe that line more often than not, but in this case, they've stepped way over that line.

Last night, The Florida Panthers took on the Carolina Hurricanes in which the Canes won 4-0, in true Carolina fashion, they decided to take a dig at the Panthers; take a look.

The picture the Hurricanes quoted was drawn by a child with cancer, once the fan above called out the Hurricanes, the post was deleted shortly thereafter with not so much as a comment or an apology.

Like I said above, usually Carolina's social media team is one to have a little fun during or after wins, but this is inexcusable in every way. Whether they knew about it, doesn't change the fact that they could've at the very least owned up to their egregious error.

The organization deserves to be put on blast, a deleted tweet is gone from your posts, but screenshots live forever. At the very least, the Hurricanes need a new social media person.
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Carolina Hurricanes under intense pressure after disgusting post

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