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Florida Panthers forward issues warning Matt Rempe

Published March 4, 2024 at 8:33 PM

The New York Rangers have an old school rookie on their hands. Forward Matt Rempe has made quite a name for himself taking on everyone who's willing to go while also taking healthy runs at opposing players on a nightly basis.

Tonight, the Rangers are taking on the Florida Panthers at Madison Square Garden and Rempe was just issued a stern warning after taking a healthy run at a Panthers player; take a look.

Jonah Gadjovich with seemingly a warning to Matt Rempe 👀🫣

Rempe took a healthy run at Panthers defender Gustav Forsling, just barreling missing him. Soon after Panthers forward Jonah Gadjovich came over, grabbed his jersey and talked to him for a few seconds. Seemingly warning him about taking runs at opposing players

One thing is for sure, Matt Rempe has a target on his back early in his NHL career. It comes with the territory when you play the way he does, but if he's not careful, someone is going to teach him a lesson.

Plus, even though Gadjovich is much shorter than he is, he sure did intimidate Rempe.
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Florida Panthers forward issues warning Matt Rempe

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