Former NHLer Wants The NHL To Do Better When It Comes To Former Players

Published February 9, 2024 at 2:56 PM
Former NHL goalie Glenn Healy spent over fifteen seasons in show, he knows first hand how tough the league is on your body and mind. Ever since hanging up the skates in 2001, Healy has worked closely with the NHLPA, serving as director of player affairs until resigning in 2009. Healy is still passionate about taking care of retired players who have helped grow the game. An admirable act of compassion from Healy.

During a recent segment of the "Spittin' Chiclets" podcast, Healy sat down with the boys to discuss the current health care in the NHL and how he wants to see it improved.

"When we presented a proposal to the league we said to Gary, when you took over, revenues were $417 Million and now they are $6 Billion. You're selling teams like Ottawa for $950 Million dollars. They were initially sold for the price of interchange to get off the highway.»

«A wrap around health care would be about $2.5 million from the PA side and the league side. And I will not stop until they provide that for the players that have built the game.»

The list of most valuable NHL franchises was released at the end of last 2023. The Toronto Maple Leafs top the list worth an estimated $2.8 Billion, while the Arizona Coyotes are last with an estimated worth of $500 million.

From those figures, there should be plenty left in the budget to help take care of the former players who led the path to where the game is today.
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Former NHLer Wants The NHL To Do Better When It Comes To Former Players

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