Tucker Tynan in action with the OHL's Soo Greyhounds
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former OHL goaltender files suit against league

Published February 21, 2024 at 12:42

The Canadian Hockey League and its subsidiaries have been scrutinized and placed under a microscope for several years for a litany of reasons and as TSN investigative reporter Rick Westhead reports, it seems like again they cannot get out of their way with the most recent allegations levied against the Ontario Hockey Leagues' Soo Greyhounds.

Westhead reports that former Greyhounds goaltender Tucker Tynan is suing the hockey club for allegedly mishandling a shoulder injury, insulting him with derogatory slurs and advising him to self-medicate for pain all while advising him to play through the injury.

Tynan is requesting $300,000 in restitution for allegedly engaging in reckless negligence and racial harassment over a week in the spring of 2022, and while it appears that OHL commissioner David Branch released a statement that in part reads that the club has the full support of the league, it's a bit peculiar as one of his mandates during his tenor in part was to advocate for player safety, anti-violence and mental health, which this situation could arguably fall under.

In a scenario such as this which again paints a black cloud over a league that has had its fair share of problems, there are no winners, no matter the outcome of the courts. Conversely, the best outcome might be that the team and league take ownership of their actions or lack thereof so that Tynan can move on with his life the best way he can and put this period of his life behind him.
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former OHL goaltender files suit against league

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