Goalie loses stick above net
Photo credit: Rockford Ice Hogs

Goalie loses stick on netting above the ice

Published March 17, 2024 at 11:57

In all my years of being a hockey fan I've seen some really strange things, but I can honestly say I've never seen what occurred Saturday night. The incident occurred during a game between the Rockford Ice Hogs and the San Jose Barracudas, in the very first period. He play occurred in the San Jose zone and left their goaltender searching for his stick.

As Barracudas goalie Georgi Romanov tries to make a save he loses his stick, which ends up laying on the ice. As Romanov continues to follow the play, Ice Hogs forward Curtis Sanford use his stick to flip the goal stick up and out of play.

The move left Romanov searching for his stick for an extended time, while play continued down the ice.

Finally the goalie was able to spot his stick and alerted a teammate who was finally able to free his stick and return it to the tender.

This is still a reminder that every once and awhile you will still see something that you've never seen before.
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Goalie loses stick on netting above the ice

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