Hunt vs Jenik
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Hunt and Jeník drop the gloves and throw down at center ice

Published April 14, 2024 at 9:11 PM

It's been a very quiet night day across the National Hockey League with only 4 games on the schedule today, but even when there's not a lot happening, you can almost always count on a fight or two. It's even better when two players go toe-to-toe at center ice.

The night cap on the schedule today sees the Arizona Coyotes go up against the Calgary Flames and Flames forward Dryden Hunt and Coyotes Jan Jenik dropped the gloves and started throwing knuckles on the Flames logo; take a look.

Dryden Hunt and Jan Jeník drop the gloves!

I think this fight had something to do with the Pospisil hit earlier in the game

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The fight happened in the middle of the first period with the score tied 2-2, probably as retribution for a hit on Martin Pospisil.

After a pretty even first couple of seconds Jenik lands the majority of the punches and essentially drags Hunt until the officials break up the two players up.

Fighting has and always will in hockey, gone are the stage fights of old, but fighting for this reason, as a form of self policing will always be around, as it should be.
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Hunt and Jeník drop the gloves and throw down at center ice

Who won this fight at center ice between Jan Jenik and Dryden Hunt?

Jenik1726.6 %
Hunt2742.2 %
It was a draw2031.3 %
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