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Mark Stone announces whether or not he'll play tonight

Published April 22, 2024 at 1:49 PM

When the Vegas Golden Knights activated. Jack Eichel off of injured reserve and subsequently placed Mark Stone on LTIR hockey fans felt like something was up. It seemed far too convenient that the timelines were both lined up so perfectly, but yet here we are. The Golden Knights insisted this was just a coincidence and not an attempt to circumvent the salary cap.

It was initially announced that Mark Stone was battling a ruptured spleen, a very serious injury. The team made it clear the injury had nothing to do with his back or neck which have previously plagued him. While Stone was on injured reserve, however, the Golden Knights went out at the trade deadline and acquired significant help.

At the Deadline the Knights acquired Tomas Hertl from the San Jose Sharks. This once again gave the team a significant amount of depth while also giving them another player to place on long-term injured reserve. This felt like deja vu as fans watched the Golden Knights load up on talent with multiple players on injured reserve. It was this same strategy that helped Vegas win the cup just last year.

With thoughts of repeating in mind last week, right on time Mark Stone returned to practice as a full participant.

Vegas was initially coy about sharing any details, but today Stone shutdown all doubt announcing that he would in fact play tonight in-game one against the Dallas Stars.

I'm going to play tonight.

Of all things this playoff season, this is probably the least surprising. Fans have been furious with a circumvention of the salary cap and this is no different. Tonight Vegas faces off against the Dallas Stars in game 1 in what is expected to be one of the best series of the Year.
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Mark Stone announces whether or not he'll play tonight

Who wins this series?

Vegas Golden Knights15243.1 %
Dallas Stars20156.9 %
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