Martin Brodeur while playing for the New Jersey Devils
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Martin Brodeur dishes on modern-day goaltenders calling them babied

Published March 31, 2024 at 2:40 PM

Martin Brodeur, who has a solid argument for the NHL's greatest goaltender, has gone into detail on modern-day netminders and why the position is now so volatile.

Brodeur, who is now the current executive vice president of business development for the New Jersey Devils, addressed the issue with Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic . He said it's now a lot less clear which goaltenders are number ones, and which will remain numbers ones.

"It's so volatile, that position. One year, you can be the top goalie. The second year, it's like you don't even belong in the league. It's weird how really volatile the position has become.

"Right now, around the league, there's probably five guys that you could bank on - maybe up to eight guys. Back then, it was 30 guys."

As for why he thinks this is happening, Brodeur explained number one goaltenders are babied, with teams insisting their workloads be managed.

"We can't play back-to-back (games).. You're so scared the No. 1 gets hurt. And so you baby that guy for the longest time.

"So these guys are playing 55 games. They should be playing 65 to 70 games like we did."

"I think we baby our goalies. I see it. I'm part of it."

Brodeur - who is a three-time Stanley Cup winner, a Hockey Hall of Famer, and two-time Olympic gold medal winner - did say he believes modern goaltenders are far better athletes than those in his time.

"The average goalie is better than when I played. They're unbelievable (athletes)."
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Martin Brodeur dishes on modern-day goaltenders calling them babied

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