Matthew Tkachuk tries to kick Bruins player
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Matthew Tkachuk accused of trying to kick Boston Bruins player

Published March 26, 2024 at 8:06 PM

Tonight the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers are facing off in an Atlantic division matchup. The two teams are fighting for the president's trophy and for the rights to call themselves the best team in the NHL. With that, comes an expectation of a physical game and two teams competing at the highest level.

In the NHL things happen at an incredible rate of speed, but every once in awhile something happens that makes fans think twice. Tonight was one of those nights. In the first period of tonight's game, Matthew Tkachuk made an awkward play that some fans are calling an intentional kick.

this is psycho behavior and is clearly intent to injure

The reactions

Other fans began to call out Tkachuk's unnatural leg motion as he approached Parker Wotherspoon.

he looked behind himself to see where wotherspoon was and then raised his skate blade. definitely not a harmless play attempt here. makes total sense as to why the players reacted the way they did

While this could be a harmless play this isn't a great look, especially in a year when we've already seen serious skate related injuries. It's odd to see a strong skater like Tkachuk bring his skate up in such a motion.
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Matthew Tkachuk accused of trying to kick Boston Bruins player

Does Matthew Tkachuk try and kick Parker Wotherspoon?

Yes, he does9763.8 %
No, he doesn't2214.5 %
It's accidentally on purpose3321.7 %
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