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NHL insider reveals if Matt Rempe will be suspended for hit on Ilya Lyubushkin

Published March 4, 2024 at 9:24

On Saturday night, the Toronto Maple Leafs faced off against the New York Rangers. This hotly contested matchup between two of the Eastern conference best teams was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. The Maple Leafs would go on to win the game in a shootout.

Even two days later fans are still talking about this game and specifically the incident between Ilya Lyubushkin and rookie sensation Matt Rempe. During the second period Rempe delivered a hard hit to Lyubushkin that sent the defender hard into the boards. While the hit itself wasn't as dirty as some we've seen this season, Rempe does leave his feet before delivering the hit.

It's difficult to understand why a player who is 6'7 would need to leave his feet to deliver this hit. However Rempe continues to play his role to perfection. Adding an element of physicality and toughness that New York so desperately needed.

Today NHL insider Chris Johnston made a radio appearance on TSN radio and addressed the possible suspension.

I don't get the impression that there is going to be any on there. I mean usually you would have heard by yesterday if that was the case. Clearly the Leafs were unhappy about it in the game and you heard Sheldon Keefe mention after the game that he didn't like it, but I don't think we're going to see a suspension.

I almost want to take myself out of the what's suspendable and what's not. I'm going to be honest I don't fully get it at times now. It's a hard thing on the outside to know what they're going to decide. Had there been a suspension for that hit? I don't think there'd have been a ton of outrage. But that's just kind of where we're at right now.

It's clear the NHL department of player safety has been highlighted for all the wrong reasons. This season. A lack of consistency continues to plague the department and could result in George Parros finally being placed under the microscope.
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NHL insider reveals if Matt Rempe will be suspended for hit on Ilya Lyubushkin

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