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Officials make one of the softest calls of the year on Jake Oettinger

Published May 6, 2024 at 8:55

The Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights played game seven of their first round playoff series last night and the officiating has been terrible throughout the first round of the playoffs, but this «tripping call« might be one of the worst calls you've seen throughout the first round of the playoffs. Star goaltender Jake Oettinger was called for tripping on Golden Knights forward Ivan Barbashev And it wasn't anywhere close to being a penalty.

During a game seven match up when momentum swings and power plays will be highly contested throughout the game. This is one of those plays that just cannot be a penalty; Take a look.

Oettinger gets called for tripping 🤔

Thoughts on the penalty?

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This play happens halfway through the third. When the Score is 2 to 1, Barbashev is standing just outside roof paint and Oettinger gives him a little shove in then Dives and The penalty is called.

Not only with the shove, not hard enough enough to knock over the Vegas golden Knights player. This is certainly not a trip. This play could've majorly affected the outcome in the game, thankfully that didn't end up happening. If it had, there would be even more outrage.
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Officials make one of the softest calls of the year on Jake Oettinger

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