Pat Maroon crosses center ice
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Ryan Reaves sends message to Pat Maroon before opening faceoff

Published April 22, 2024 at 7:11 PM

The game within the game is a huge component of playoff hockey. Teams will do anything to get a physical or mental edge on their opponents. That's why when Saturday night before game one, when Patrick Maroon crossed onto the Toronto Maple Leafs' side of Center Ice, many expected fireworks to ensue.

#NHLBruins    Pat Maroon crossing the red line in warmups as if he's saying, «Do something about it!»

On Saturday night, the Maple Leafs chose not to respond and the Bruins handedly defeated their rivals 5-1. Ahead of tonight's game two Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer, Ryan Reaves wasn't going to let the same thing happen twice. Instead of standing back Reavo decided to police the red line tonight in an attempt to show the Bruins that the Leafs mean business.

With Maroon returning from a back surgery that kept him out of action for months. It's unlikely that the two drop the gloves. But things are surely expected to get heated.
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Ryan Reaves sends message to Pat Maroon before opening faceoff

Who wins a fight?

Ryan Reaves28063.8 %
Pat Maroon9722.1 %
Too close to call6214.1 %
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