Yet another controversial review gets overturned and fans are furious

Published May 19, 2023 at 9:34

Last night during game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final between the Florida Panthers and the Carolina Hurricanes, yet another controversial review has fans furious.

In overtime between the two sides with the game tied at two, it had looked as if Panther forward Ryan Lomberg had scored to end the game, but after a review, it was determined that Colin White interfered with goaltender Frederik Andersen, take a look:

This was the play that waved off the Panthers potential OT winner 👀

There are a couple of things here: 1) this review was league initiated, and this is the first time during the playoffs that it's happened, and 2) while White does make contact with Anderson's skate, that's not much of a call at all.

It doesn't look like he stops Andersen from making the save, and we've seen throughout the year worse plays than this be considered a good goal. As well Jack Drury pushes White into Andersen and Andersen definitely slides into him as well.

Fans have a right to be mad; once again, all we're asking is consistency. Something the NHL has had none of in recent memory.
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Yet another controversial review gets overturned and fans are furious

Should this goal have counted?

That's a good goal5963.4 %
That's goalie interference2122.6 %
Depends on the call on the ice99.7 %
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