Shane Doan and his family watch his number being lifted to Gila Arena
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Doan gets retirement banner returned to him

Published April 18, 2024 at 11:28

When the Arizona Coyotes moved from Gila River Arena in Glendale to Mullett Arena in Tempe, it had been reported that the banner that honoured longtime captain and the most iconic player to wear the Coyote sweaters retirement banner had been thrown into a dumpster between arenas.

Recently, someone who found the banner laying around in a box returned the banner to Shane Doan with the official/unofficial story as to how it was found/he obtained the piece of history.

Have a look:

It has been known for a while how much of a joke the Coyotes franchise has become, and to understand that this situation happened shouldn't be surprising to anyone. But the fact that a banner that honors such an important figure in Coyotes history and the accomplishments he made went missing is an abomination to the franchise and, quite frankly, to the people at the top of the organization who were seemingly in charge.

What it appears like is that although there were some very hard-working people working for the team—pardon the pun—the inmates were running the asylum and that the warden (Alex Meruelo) was okay with whatever went on.

It is a shame that this version of the Coyotes ultimately failed. The state and the fans that the Coyotes served deserved better. Hopefully, if a team is allowed to be back (which has been reported as entirely possible), they will have more success than what the previous team had been afforded.
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Doan gets retirement banner returned to him

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