More Information Surfaces on Corey Perry's Release from the Chicago Blackhawks

Published November 29, 2023 at 8:15

We starting to get a clearer picture of why Corey Perry was released from the Chicago Blackhawks, even if we still don't have full details. A new report from ESPN is shedding more light on the situation.

Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson held a news conference yesterday to answer some questions, and was adamant the incident did not involve any other players or their family members. He called it a "workplace matter" after being asked if the incident was criminal or could become criminal. ESPN found sources who agreed to elaborate.

"Davidson said the team was first notified of the allegations last week when the Blackhawks were in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday to play the Blue Jackets. Sources told ESPN's Emily Kaplan that Perry indeed traveled with the team to Columbus last Tuesday, a day before the game, and an incident occurred that day involving a team employee. Davidson said Perry, who did not play in the team's 7-3 loss, was 'immediately pulled' from the game once the Blackhawks were notified, and at that point, the club began an investigation."

So, it appears something happened between Perry and a Blackhawks employee that the team deemed was unacceptable and broke the code of conduct. What, exactly, that was is still not clear, but it rules out some other possibilities that have been floating around.

Perry has always had a reputation for questionable behaviour in the ice. He wasn't nicknamed "the worm" for nothing. That said, there is nothing public about any previous off-ice incidents that involved the 38-year-old veteran.


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More Information Surfaces on Corey Perry's Release from the Chicago Blackhawks

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