Alex Georgiev of the Colorado Avalanche snaps his stick in frustration
Photo credit: Winnipeg Jets

Alex Georgiev throws temper tantrum, breaks stick after being pulled

Published April 13, 2024 at 5:37 PM

Colorado Avalanche goaltender Alex Georgiev has had a rough stretch of games, and it seems it got to him while playing the Winnipeg Jets today.

Alexander Georgiev of the Colorado Avalanche entered today's game against the Winnipeg jets hoping to get back on track after a rough patch of games down the stretch with some mediocre, at best, statistics. Unfortunately for him, it did not go well, and Georgiev is getting frustrated.

After Winnipeg scored their fourth goal in a row, and two in the last 10 seconds, Georgiev didn't even get up off the ice to take it out on his stick. He just powered right through the shaft with the blade of the stick on the ice.

To Georgiev's credit, it isn't entirely his fault. The Avalanche have not been playing well with the 2023-24 regular season getting ready to close out. That said, Georgiev himself knows he needs to be better.

"Georgiev breaks his stick on the post after goal 4, is pulled, and the crowd gives a loud ovation for Justus Annunen coming on in relief.

Just an all-around worthless effort through the first 15 minutes of essentially a playoff game #GoAvsGo"

Georgiev let in 4 goals on 15 shots today before being pulled. That's a save percentage of .733.
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Alex Georgiev throws temper tantrum, breaks stick after being pulled

In light of Georgiev's stick snap, are the Colorado Avalanche going to turn it around in the playoffs?

Yes3337.9 %
No4248.3 %
Not sure1213.8 %
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