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Max Domi takes a shot a Simon Nemec after their fight

Published April 13, 2024 at 1:41 PM

Last night the New Jersey Devils were in Toronto to take on the Maple Leafs in a game they would end up winning by a score of 6-5, but there was no shortage of fireworks, particularly when Leafs forward Max Domi jumped Devils Rookie defender Simon Nemec after Nemec and Auston Matthews were tangled up along the boards.

After the game, Domi sounded off on his fight with Nemec as per TSN and it's sure to ruffle some feathers, but if you're a Leafs fan, you have to love what he says; take a look.

«Whoever the other guy on Jersey was»

Max Domi is cold. 😅🥶

to be honest, like, the corner of my eye I just saw Auston & whoever the other guy on Jersey was battling & wasn't a fan of that so went over

One thing Max Domi has been throughout his entire career is ruthless. He's a player who you hate to have on the other side, but one that you love to have on your team.

To be fair though, Nemec is a rookie, so he hasn't earned anything in the National Hockey League yet and Domi is letting him know that.
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Max Domi takes a shot a Simon Nemec after their fight

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