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Insider reveals Mitch Marner may welcome a trade out of Toronto

Published May 6, 2024 at 10:24

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

When Mitch Marner was drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs, it seemed like a match made in heaven. A local kid who grew up idolizing the franchise drafted in the first and ready to give everything to his favorite team. After drafting Marner, William Nylander and Auston Matthews it seemed like the Maple Leafs were destined for greatness.

The parade routes were already planned but now fast forward 8 years and the team has nothing to show for it. And after another disappointing playoff exit against the Boston Bruins, it appears changes are finally inevitable. The Maple Leafs finally understand that they are unable to commit $40 million to just four players.

Once again in the playoffs the offense dried up and goals were at a premium. The Leafs were not able to push through and once again they find themselves on the outside. Looking in. Now it sounds as if the team is finally heading in a different direction.

On this morning's 32 Thoughts Podcast Insider Elliotte Friedman revealed the following.

Elliotte Friedman on Mitch Marner

The idea of having 40 million dollars tied up in 4 forwards, those days are over. The Maple Leafs are going to say that kind of roster construction is done. It doesn't work. They might have to bear with it for one more year, but overall that philosophy is done.

So which member of the Maple Leafs' Core Four goes?

According to Friedman, it is most likely Mitch Marner who will be the odd man out. However, surprisingly according to Friedman, it could be at the request of Marner himself.

Yes, he has control over the situation with his no movement clause. But there are a couple of questions here, one, does he think it's better long-term for him somewhere else? Does any part of him think it's time?

I do think it's possible he will think about it. There will be people in the Marner collective, people around him, having conversations about if it's better for him to go somewhere else.

Number two is the organization, do they think it's time? While Marner has the no movement clause, the Leafs have the power to say "we're not going to offer what you want." The Maple Leafs can play it out next year but you're not going to get an extension and you're not getting the 8th year. They can force a situation. They can say you can work with us now or make your decision later.

This would not come as a complete surprise for Marner to request to be moved on. This season alone. He's been more contentious than ever with media and has often shifted blame away from himself. Would a fresh start be what the struggling Superstar needs or is Marner who he is at this point?
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Insider reveals Mitch Marner may welcome a trade out of Toronto

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