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Brawl breaks out in the crowd at major UFC event

Published February 26, 2024 at 10:13

we've seen some a fair bit of fan altercations during the National Hockey League season this year. Whether it's on the concourse or in the stands it seems everyone wants to get in on the fighting action, not just those who are on the ice. It hasn't been an uncommon occurrence to see spectators treated a Fight Night in the stands.

However, this past weekend, the UFC visited Mexico for the first time in 5 year and the action inside the octagon was fairly good, but it was the action outside of it that really caught the attention of the spectators; take a look.

As you can see from the videos above, it appears that two groups were at odds with each other and started to fight in the spectator area, some chairs were cleared and Bruce Buffer, the voice of the UFC can be heard in the background.

This brawl didn't last long though, with one person taking matters into his own hands and knocking two people out. After that happens, everyone else from that side stands around, not wanting the brawl to continue.

Maybe next time, they'll leave the fighting to the professional they're there to watch.
February 26   |   329 answers
Brawl breaks out in the crowd at major UFC event

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