Chris Kreider explains why he threw the tablet on the bench

Published May 15, 2022 at 1:39 PM

During the Rangers recent post game press conference, Mika Zibanejad addresses the tablet throwing incident by turning it over to Chris Kreider.

Go ahead you fucking threw it.

Kreider said that he didn't like Mika second-guessing himself, after beating Louis Domingue on the breakaway. The hilarious incident broke out on social media, being retweeted and joked about by Rangers fans and the media alike.

Domingue had a bit of post-luck with Zibanejad not getting that goal, in a game where the New York Rangers ended up forcing a Game 7 against the Penguins.

Both Kreider and Zibenajad ended up scoring goals to win Game 6 in Penguins territory.

«I don't think it's easy to stay positive through all this, but credit to the teammates around and the people around,» Zibanejad said. «At the end of the day, if the hard work is there it's going to turn around eventually.

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Chris Kreider explains why he threw the tablet on the bench

Who wins tonight's game 7?

Rangers21768.2 %
Penguins10131.8 %
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