Hockey Canada investigating incident involving minor hockey coach

Published December 1, 2023 at 9:40

When you're a child playing the sport of hockey, a coach is someone you're supposed to be able to look up to to learn the game of hockey, not someone you should be afraid of. Unfortunately the latter is happening more often than not lately.

According to Rick Westhead of TSN, Hockey Canada is investigating an incident that involves a U-10 player and coach of the GTHL; take a look.

I was sent this video today, one of several that were purportedly filmed during a U10 GTHL team practice last night.
GTHL comment: The GTHL is required to report incidents it suspects may be a violation of the Hockey Canada safe sport policies to the Independent Third Party working on behalf of Hockey Canada. The league can confirm that it has filed a report regarding an incident that occurred on Nov. 29, 2023.

The video above shows a coach slashing the U-10 hockey player for seemingly not following instructions on positioning. This violates the Hockey Canada Safe Sport policy.

For everything that they've been, it's good that Hockey Canada is taking swift action in this instance.

As for the coach, he should never coach youth hockey ever again, these kinds of actions are reprehensible for an adult that is supposed to be a guide for a child's life of the sport.
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Hockey Canada investigating incident involving minor hockey coach

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