Jaromir Jagr pays one player the ultimate compliment, says he reminds him of himself

S. Harper
July 23, 2022  (10:18)

The NHL Draft has passed but much of the hockey world was still stunned by the Montreal Canadiens decision to pick Juraj Slafkovsky 1st overall. Many believed Shane Wright was the consensus number one pick in the draft. However the Canadiens new General Manager, Kent Hughes decided to go with Slafkovsky.

Whether or not this was the right decision remains to be seen, but one things for sure is Slafkovsky will have huge pressure on his shoulders in Montreal, where hockey is basically a religion. Since Slafkovsky came to Montreal he's impressed critics at the Habs development camp.
Infact not only has he impressed, he's been compared to one of the greatest hockey players off all time. Montreal insiders, Arpon Basu and Marc-Antoine Godin were looking to get to know more on the new Habs forward and reveal the Canadiens might have the next Jaromir Jagr.
According to Oto Hascak Assistant General Manager of the Slovakian national team, the two players are at the same level of play: Slafkovsky now at 17 years compared to the great legend himself when he was that age:
When I watched Slafkovsky in practice and in the locker room, his body language, in tight areas, high traffic areas, in the corners, in front of the net, I was just thinking, ‘This guy reminds me of somebody. Who is that?' So I'm going back in my memories and it was, ‘What the fuck? This guy looks like Jagr!'

Jagr was always smiling, always a very positive guy. He was very funny in the locker room. At 17 years old he was prepared to play in these championships at the men's level. Same with Slafkovsky. It's not even on the ice, but off the ice at dinners, he's a very funny guy. He's making jokes with all the players. I talked to Nick and said, ‘If somebody can take the big pressure in Montreal, it will be this guy. Before when I compared him, I thought I probably said too much. But no, he could be like Jagr. He's got a lot of things like him.

Hascak isn't the only one comparing Slafkovsky to Jagr. The Czech Legend himself mentioned it when he watched Slafkovsky play for the first time saying:

This guy looks like me when I was 17!

Will Juraj Slafkovsky live up to the hype? Only time will tell but getting praise from a hockey god is definitely a good start to his NHL career.
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Jaromir Jagr pays one player the ultimate compliment, says he reminds him of himself

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