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Maple Leafs make roster move that could mark the end of Ilya Samsonov's time in Toronto

Published December 31, 2023 at 1:14 PM
Statistically this season Ilya Samsonov has been one of the worst goalies in the entire league. All season long Samsonov has struggled in goal and continued to cost the Leafs valuable points. This came to a head Friday night when Samsonov gave up 6 goals on just 20 shots.

It has become clear that the Maple Leafs can't continue to play the struggling netminder. In post game interviews Samsonov has made it clear how much he's struggling mentally. After a summer when the two parties went through a contentious arbitration, Samsonov just doesn't have it right now.

Today the Maple Leafs made a surprising announcement at the AHL level, that may indicate a roster move involving Samsonov. The Toronto Marlies officially recalled Luke Cavallin from the East Coast Hockey League. With the Marlies not playing again until Wednesday this seems to indicate the Marlies will require a goalie for practice earlier in the week.

Could be something, could be nothing, but: the Marlies today recalled goaltender Luke Cavallin from the ECHL. The Marlies next game is Wednesday.

Preparing to be a goalie short then? We'll see.

By recalling Cavallin the Maple Leafs could recall Dennis Hildeby, who has had an incredible start to the season. With Joseph Woll still at least 4 weeks away from returning, the Leafs definitely need to find out if their answer in goal is internal or external. If they're unable to find a solution, the Leafs train will be heading off the track sooner than usual.
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Maple Leafs make roster move that could mark the end of Ilya Samsonov's time in Toronto

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