Nazem Kadri ejected for calling a referee a 'b****'

Published February 19, 2023 at 9:39

It's becoming quite clear in the NHL, if you have anything negative to say about a referee, you're going to be punished. It doesn't matter if you're a player, coach or General Manager, the league is intent on not letting officials take any criticism whatsoever. Saturday night that was on full display again.

The Calgary Flames and New York Rangers were headed to overtime and Nazem Kadri had a couple words for the officials. Kadri was immediately given a 10 minute misconduct and was sent to the locker room ending his night.

Nazem Kadri got his 10 minute misconduct penalty for arguing with the refs. Darryl Sutter says he had already been warned.

Apparently Kadri had some choice words for the officials even referring to one as a 'bitch'.

Luckily for Kadri the Flames went onto win in overtime and his antics didn't cost his team.
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Nazem Kadri ejected for calling a referee a 'b****'

Should players be allowed to criticize officials?

Yes, but be respectful24567.3 %
No, just keep your mouth shut5214.3 %
Just team captains6718.4 %
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