Referee saves Trevor Zegras from Brad Marchand after Zegras taunts Boston Bruins' bench

Published January 8, 2023 at 10:14 PM

The Boston Bruins made the long trip to Anaheim, California to face off against the Ducks. Tonight was the final game of the Bruins California roadtrip.

With the Bruins leading 2-0 late in the 1st period, Trevor Zegras scored a goal to cut the lead in half. Zegras has developed a reputation being one of the best young players in the league. He's so developed a reputation for sometimes running his mouth just a little too much.

That's exactly what happened tonight. After Zegras scored, he took a fly-by the Bruins bench and chirped the team. Of all the teams in the league to do that against, the Bruins are probably one of teams you'd least like to do it against. The Bruins responded exactly how you might think.

Brad Marchand immediately came after Zegras and a scrum ensued.

The referees were luckily able to get in-between the two and keep Zegras safe. But this young star needs to learn to pick his spots before he gets exactly what he has coming to him.
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