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Wild fights break out at the Edmonton Oilers game

Published December 17, 2023 at 2:48 PM

Fighting belongs in hockey, on the ice, but sometimes there happen to be wild fights that break out in the stands at the game and a few nights ago was no exception. At a National Hockey League game no less.

At the Edmonton Oilers home game on December 14th, two separate fight broke out in the crowd, one in the seating area and one on the concourse; take a look.

Couple fights broke out at the Oilers game last night

The first fight happened in the upper bowl with one fan attempting to punch up at another before getting jersey'd and fed with relentless uppercuts while onlookers are hollering for the fight to end.

The second clip shows multiple fans come come together and exchange some words before a two on one fight breaks out.

Doesn't matter the circumstances, fans go to hockey games to watch the players on the ice, not to fight each other in the stands. This is unacceptable and makes Oilers fans look bad as a whole.
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Wild fights break out at the Edmonton Oilers game

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