Kevin Hayes stretches before a game while playing for the St. Louis Blues
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Hayes continues to honour brother

Published March 12, 2024 at 8:29

Kevin and Jimmy Hayes grew up like two peas in a pod both dreaming of playing in the National Hockey League and while Jimmy passed away tragically in August 2021 from an apparent overdose, his brother continues to keep his memory and legacy alive each time he steps on the ice.

Tonight in their hometown of Boston, Kevin, who now plays for the St Louis Blues, scored and what has become commonplace in his celebration after his brother's passing happened again this evening as he pointed to the sky.

Losing a sibling under any circumstances would be difficult for anyone, but the way Kevin continues to carry himself honouring his brother is admirable and heartwarming. Whether you are a Blues fan or not, if you know their story or have experienced anything similar, you have to be pulling for Kevin or the Hayes family.

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Hayes continues to honour brother

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