High school hockey player Braden Knapp
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High School Hockey Player Stunned by Long Suspension for Seemingly Minor Issue

Published March 6, 2024 at 11:03

A high school hockey player says he is absolutely shocked after being suspended for a year by Massachusetts High School Hockey (MIAA) for what seemed like a relatively minor thing. Braden Knapp, who plays for the Nantucket Whalers, has never been suspended before, and never issued a major penalty in his high school hockey career.

The incident that got Knapp suspended happened on February 22nd in a game against the Sandwich Blue Knights. Things were getting heated in the final seconds of the game, with a scrum breaking out at centre ice. In the below video, you can see Knapp shooting the puck into the scrum at around the 8 second mark.

Knapp was booted from the game, and subsequently suspended for one year for abuse of an official. According to the Nantucket Current, no officials were even hit by the puck.

"The refs issued a disqualification penalty for 'violent assault of an official' although all indications given to the Current at this time have been that no official was hit." - Nantucket Current

Knapp, who is the Whalers' top scorer, has already appealed his suspension and it was upheld by a five-person committee. He says it was never his intention to hurt anyone, but rather to take attention away from the scrum. Knapp's suspension extends to all other high school sports.

Source: Nantucket Current
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High School Hockey Player Stunned by Long Suspension for Seemingly Minor Issue

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