Rangers Matt Rempe hits Devils' Jonas Siegenthaler with a brutal elbow
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Rangers Head Coach Makes Baffling Statement Defending Matt Rempe

Published March 12, 2024 at 9:34 PM

Matt Rempe of the New York Rangers has only played 10 games in the NHL so far in his career, but he's found himself the centre of many hockey-related discussion in his short time. The latest issue is his four game suspension for what was a brutal, and seemingly intentional elbow on Jonas Siegenthaler of the New Jersey Devils. However, it appears his head coach doesn't see it that way at all.

Asked about the suspension today, Peter Laviolette claimed Rempe was simply trying to brace himself before crashing into the boards. Apparently, Siegenthaler was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"He was getting to a point where he was going to go crashing into the boards and he put his arms up. It's over, he can learn from it and we'll miss him while he's gone. He was playing another pretty good game for us. He's been really effective with what he does out on the ice. There's been a lot around him since he's come onto our team and into the league. You take an opportunity like this and you just try to get better from it."

It's somewhat understandable that a head coach would want to defend his player, but the video replay sure looks like Rempe realized he was going to miss Siegenthaler with the hit, and extended his elbow to make sure he made contact.

Whether you agree with Laviolette or not likely has a lot to do with whether you're a Rangers and/or Rempe fan. To his credit, the 21-year-old has certainly made an impact in his first 10 games, and has likely earned himself a spot in the NYR lineup as long as he can keep himself from getting suspended.

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Rangers Head Coach Makes Baffling Statement Defending Matt Rempe

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