Ref's Shows Humour With His Honesty In Hot Mic Moment

Published March 13, 2024 at 8:37

The talent in the NHL is at an all-time high with superstar names like Connor McDavid, Nathan MacKinnon, Auston Matthews and Leon Draisaitl leading the way. The game is faster than ever with McDavid holding the title for the fastest skater with a clocked in time of 24.05 mph.

Rookie superstar Connor Bedard can be added to the list of players that can fly out there. His average speed has been clocked between 18-20 mph. On Tuesday night, Bedard was flying against the Anaheim Ducks.

Bedard scored a career-high five points with a goal and four assists in the Blackhawks 7-2 mauling of the Ducks.

During the game an all-time hot mic moment was caught between the ref and Bedard.

"I'm trying my best, but you guys are fast and I'm slow"

The ref to Connor Bedard when he asked him to get out of the way

You have to love the referees honesty here, makes for a very funny moment.
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Ref's Shows Humour With His Honesty In Hot Mic Moment

What is your favourite part of the NHL?

How many talent players there is4527.8 %
The speed of the game7747.5 %
The highlight reel goals everynight1811.1 %
The amazing saves2213.6 %
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