Tempers boil over
Photo credit: NBC

Tempers boil over between Ducks and Blackhawks

Published March 12, 2024 at 10:54 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks have already been eliminated from playoff contention and the Anaheim Ducks aren't far behind. That didn't stop the two teams from letting their emotions run high during tonight's Western Conference matchup.

With approximately 10 minutes remaining in the game, tempers began to run high and everyone on the ice became involved in a post whistle scrum. Things became so heated that even goaltender John Gibson skates the length of the ice to become involved with the scrum.

Unfortunately the linesmen made the decision to not let the goaltenders drop the gloves, despite how much every dan in attendance wanted it to happen. With time remaining on the clock and the Hawks up 7-2, cooler heads have seemed to have prevailed.
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