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Usually calm player loses his mind after embarrassing non-call

Published March 13, 2024 at 10:28

For certain players it takes a lot to set them off, but when they do lose their temper it's a sight to be seen. That's exactly what happened last night for Oliver Bjorkstrand of the Seattle Kraken. All it took was an overtime game winner to send him into a fit of rage.

With the score tied 4-4 and late into overtime, Golden Knights Jack Eichel scores a game winning alley oop goal from Alex Pietrangelo. While the goal seems good on the surface another angle seems to reveal why Bjorkstrand was so upset.

Oliver Bjorkstrand, probably the most mild-mannered Kraken player, smashed his stick after the OT loss tonight.

That says a lot.

From another angle it appears that while Bjorkstrand attempts to back check he has his stick held by the trailing Vegas player. It's unknown if Bjorkstrand would have been able to prevent Eichel from scoring the goal, but it's very clear that the referee truly blew the call.

After the low Bjorkstrand couldn't contain himself and he absolutely let the referees have it. It's unclear if the league will take action, as they have made it nearly impossible for anyone to criticize their officials.

Frustration is palpable— Oliver Bjorkstrand ‘clapped' for Vegas, then chucked his stick across the ice #Seakraken   

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Usually calm player loses his mind after embarrassing non-call

Did the referees miss a penalty here?

Yes, they clearly did16288.5 %
No, they didn't84.4 %
It wouldn't have mattered either way137.1 %
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