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Insider Seravalli Does Not Hold Back after Horrible Comment from 'Fan'

Published April 1, 2024 at 11:03

Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff took no prisoners while responding the an extremely rude comment from an X user. Seravalli apparently had enough.

Frank Seravalli is a well-known hocky insider, former TSN broadcaster, and current President of Hockey Content with Daily Faceoff. Seravalli also serves as the President of the Professional Hockey Writers Association. That didn't stop hi from absolutely ripping on an X user after an absolutely uncalled for remark.

A response to a Daily Faceoff video seemed to be aimed at Seravalli's colleague, and ripped into the person's heritage.

"Ewwww replace that hat with a yarmulke. You're so bad on ESPHeeb

Only their cuz your Jewish. It's sooo blatant & obvious.

Boo that Jewwwww


Seravalli decided he was not taking this one lying down, and he eviscerated the responder with one of his own.

"You are a piece of s--t. Pour yourself a big glass of bleach tonight and do us all a favor."

The ratio on the initial tweet, and Seravalli's response is in insane. Possibly one of the highest I've seen.


While it's not often you see professional writers respond this way, I'm with Seravalli on this one. This person went way beyond troll to just being hateful and bitter. They got what they deserved.
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Insider Seravalli Does Not Hold Back after Horrible Comment from 'Fan'

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